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Villa Jerada, Moroccan Picholine Olives, 13.4 oz, Morocco

  • Gourmet Picholine Green Olives from Morocco (13.4 oz)
  • Simple ingredients...Green Olives, water, lemon, garlic, bay leaf and citric acid and natural preservativel
  • Grown in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
  • Mild flavor flavor...great right out of the jar or added to your favorite recipes.

Product description

Curing olives is a family affair in Morocco. We buy the best olives from the local grove and cure them in-house. Our family recipe includes a unique blend of garlic, bay leaf and preserved lemon. We only use Picholine Olives, an incredible variety known for its distinct taste, shape and abundant health properties (high phenols and antioxidants) that exceed other olives. Grown at the foothills of the Atlas mountains, where mild , consistent climate creates well balanced olives with salty, fruity , crisp / firm texture with soft inner flesh. This olive will delight your guest at your next dinner party.


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