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Villa Jerada Preserved Lemons, 13.4 oz, Product of Morocco

  • Beldi Lemons are used exclusively...thin skins and sweet citrus notes make this the perfect preserved lemon for those seeking the best quality.
  • Preserved and bottled in Morocco.
  • For use in all recipes calling for lemon...use the entire fruit , skin and all flesh.


The Beldi Preserved Lemons are a variety unique to Morocco. With it's thin skin and sweet citrus notes, it is a culinary staple in many Moroccan dishes and is loaded with bright citrus that goes well with many classic dishes or for a surprise flavor in your recipes that call for lemon.The thin skin of this variety is the perfect lemon for preserving. While the outer skin works well thinly sliced or diced for braises or tagines, the inner flesh works well when added to dressings and marinades.


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