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Christine Le Tennier Balsamic Vinegar Flavor Pearls, 7oz Jar

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  • Great value (7oz Jar contains 40 - 50 servings)
  • Use: Cocktails, Entrees, Desserts
  • Great over salads or other appetizers
  • Enjoy Molecular Gastronomy without all the work
  • Imported from France

Made in France, Christine Le Tennier’s Flavor Pearls give you the opportunity to participate in the Molecular Gastronomy revolution, with minimal effort. Flavor pearls are drops of fruity, salty, or spicy juices encapsulated in a thin alginate shell that bursts in your mouth, releasing their unique flavor and texture. Available in a range of sweet and savory flavors, these "caviar" spheres add originality, sensuality and fun to your dishes or cocktails.They are convenient, easy to use and shelf stable until you are ready to use them. After opening they may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, giving you maximum flexibility.


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