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Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil (100% Athinolia Olives) Early Harvest, Cold Extraction "Laconia Greece", Estate Bottled near Sparta, Gold Medal , 500 ml Dark Glass Bottle

About the product:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olive Groves near Sparta in Greece (100% Athinolia Olives) Peppery and Aromatic. Cold pressed within 6-8 hours of harvest.( 500 ml bottle)
  • A must for a sophisticated gourmet or anyone living the "Mediterranean Diet" . Hand picked in early October for the freshest flavor and aromas.
  • Estate Grown on our family groves dating back to ancient times....Low Acid... Acidity < 0.28%, Early Harvest, Cold Extraction
  • Oympia Gold Standard of Excellence Award, 2021 Silver Japan, 2021 Gold New Yory City...featured on the PBS TV series "The Cooking Odyssey"
  • Super high polyphenols  (>1360 mg/K)...a powerhouse of nutrition


Product description

Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a EU certified Laconian PGI. From the homeland of King Leonidas (Spartan), this is 100% pure Laconian and 100% Greek and "Estate Grown". The perfect climate and land are home to the groves perched above the blue Mediterranean Sea. Near ancient ruins of a underwater city, surrounded by snow covered mountains, we cultivate our olive groves using traditional methods to produce the renowned Laconian EVOO. This is the birthplace of European Olive oil. The first days of October, we pick, squeeze and pack the earliest harvest in Europe. This is one of a very few oils that the European Union has certified as a " High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil". Product characteristics • Estate olive oil grown in our family century old groves in the south of Greece, Laconia, land of the Spartans • Passionately hand-picked olives in the early October capturing all the fresh aromas • Cold pressed within 6-8 hours from harvest. • Single rare variety “Athinolia, native in Laconia since ancient times. • So unique that is Protected Geographical Indication (PGI Laconia) • Contains natural heart healthy polyphenol antioxidants and beneficial mono saturated fats. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants with proven benefits in every day like. • Due to its high concentration in polyphenols Laconian Legacy is a Gold awards winner in the category of “High phenolic” Extra Virgin Olive Oils • It’s a grassy, fresh tasting with vivid peppery character. • Acidity levels 0.1 – 0.4%

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