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TERROIRS DE MARRAKECH, USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17 oz.

About this Product:

  • March 2018 Harvest Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Kosher Certified by OU
  • Aroma: This delicately complex aroma takes in almonds, culinary herbs with a touch of basil, lemons and sweet bananas. There is also a hint of woody hedgerows and wet grass.
  • Taste: More culinary herbs on the palate with sorrel, cucumber, red berry fruits and nuts. Very light bitterness but plenty of pepper which grows and then fades allowing the green herbs, nuts and sweet biscuits to return. The interesting after-taste takes in fudge and sweet bananas with just a touch of hazelnut chocolate.
  • Style: Very sweet and delicate style of oil with a good burst of pepper.
  • Overall: An attractive and gently complex oil with a really sweet finish. Use it for general cooking, but particularly for desserts and baking.

The ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil coming from the old centenary orchard surrounding the Family House in the Marrakech estate. In the beautiful flat land at the foot of the High Atlas, where even Baron de Rothschild used to cultivate his grapes, you find the historic centenary olive grove belonged to Mr Breton. Our family carries on this century-old tradition producing what is likely to be the best pure Moroccan extra virgin olive oil we reserve to the real connoisseur and gourmet all over the world. Les Terroirs de Marrakech has a complex green aromas hedgerows, cut grass, culinary herbs and apples. There are also hints of fresh lemon, tomato and nuts. Its taste is equally complex tones in the mouth with fresh nuts and hedge clippings followed by tobacco leaves, watercress and bitter almond skins. The fresh nuts and herbs join with dried fruits to carry on through the mounting bitterness and pepper to maintain a harmonious flavor. The lingering after taste takes in more dried fruits and herbs ending with a touch of malted nuts and milk chocolate. Les Terroirs de Marrakech is a medium to strong oil which is very well balanced, the bitterness and pepper are never over aggressive. This is a very good oil which stands comparison with similar styles of oil from anywhere else in the world. It could certainly hold its own as a mono-varietal oil.


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