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Desert Miracle | Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 500 milliliter| First Cold Pressing | Very Light Bitterness, Sweet with a Pepper Finish| Product of the Atlas Morocco| Gold Medal Award

About the product

  • Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Morocco.
  • Slightly Bitter with Peppery Start, Ending in  Herbaceous, Nutty, Fruity & Sweet Notes.
  • Produced from Olives Grown in the Moroccan Desert, 150 Kilometers outside Casablanca.
  • 100 Percent Pure Olive Oil, Certified Organic: USDA Standard, EU Standard
  • Awarded "Gold Award" at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition


Desert Miracle is a cold pressed ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil from Morocco. The olives used to produce this oil are farmed in the desert using drip-irrigation and sustainable water retention techniques. Any weeds in the groves are removed through by hand. Use this oil to finish dishes, as a dipping oil, or in dressings.


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