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Black Garlic "Organic American" 5 oz Peeled

About the product

  • Certified Organic Black Garlic
  • 100% North American Sourced Garlic- Artisan Processed in Wisconsin
  • Aged and Fermented up to 120 Days
  • 2 X the Nutrition of White Garlic...We guarantee S-allyl-cysteine content no less than 1.5 mg/g of product.
  • Intense Umami, balsamic, raisin and rich garlic flavor




Sweet and slightly firm with the flavor of garlic and what can only be described as "Intense Umami Flavor". This is the premier black garlic from a Wisconsin producer. It is a nutritional bomb with twice the S-Allyl Cysteine of white garlic. This is a great addition to all recipes calling for garlic and many dishes where white garlic may be too intense. This is the perfect addition to any creative chefs pantry.

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